Six Conducive Tips For Parents To Alleviate Bullying Problems Experienced By Their Kids

October 19, 2015

‘Bully’, this is one word that both, parents and kids hear for a long time. Kids when enter school for the first time often goes back crying or depressed to their homes. This is because some seniors bully them and make them do embarrassing things. The biggest mistake that kids make in the whole scenario is, hiding things from parents. Well, why would the kids reveal something that they are embarrassed about? So, they hide everything what they go through in the school. But, as a parent, you need to be active and ask your child how his/her day was and what did he/she do? The way of talking and the tone will give you an idea if everything is OK or not.

Being bullied is the form of child abuse and it is done by calling out wrong names, cruel taunting, physically bullying and cyber-bullying. All these things can be really disturbing for you and your child. So, you have to take a step and sit with your child if you find that he/she is hiding something.

What can you do as a parent to prevent this distressing period for your child? Here are some tips:

  • Sit with your child and listen what he/she has to say: As a parent, listening to the issues of your children should be your top priorities. You need to ask a question to your child who has been bullied that, ‘how can I be helpful to you’? When you say things like this, it injects a confidence in your child that yes, there is someone who would listen to me and find a solution for my problem. It will hurt you a lot listening to the horrific experience of your child at school. A big mistake that parents make is blaming their children for all what happened at school. Parents just want to see their kids safe, so they want them to stay away from those students who show-off their strength.
  • Don’t try to personalize the whole issue: Since the majority of kids are bullied at school time, so you must have your own experience as well. Don’t tell your kids about what happened to you as a child, but just fast forward to the solutions and responses that were given to you. It doesn’t matter if they were helpful to you or not.
  • Don’t retaliate against the child who bullies: You will feel agitated listening to the experiences of your child at school, but that doesn’t mean that you should retaliate against the bully or his/her family. You can discuss the matter with the family of the bully, so that this ugly activity can be stopped. Discussing the issue with the school authorities will also help alleviate such incidents from happening in school premises.
  • Prepare your child to act against the bullies: There is a certain pattern that bullies follow. They choose those kids who get upset easily and take everything to heart. They generally pick kids who are physically weak and can’t defend themselves. The best way to avoid getting bullied is, stop reacting to the trash talk from the bullies. Just leave the premises without showing any gesture.
  • Collaborate with a teacher or administrator who you think can help: It is the school’s responsibility to stop bullying activities. Some schools have special counseling rooms where they counsel both kids, who bully or get bullied. These counseling sessions change the majority of bullies, but some are stubborn, who become outlaws in the future. Those kids are the real problems for the school authorities. It is important to keep an eye on such kids, so that they don’t harm the innocent kids such as yours.
  • Always take your child’s side: You have to be supportive to your child because if you blame him/her for what’s being happened in the school, then he/she will feel alone and helpless. This can force your child to take an extreme step. This is a critical and a delicate issue, so you need to deliberately find the right solution to this problem.

The top priority of parents is to ensure safety of their kids, whether they are at a child care centre or at school. These six tips will surely help you make a better environment for your child to express himself/herself.

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