How To Ensure Cleanliness And Proper Sanitation In Your Kids?

October 14, 2015

It is an undeniable fact that bad sanitation results in multiple damages in kids. The immunity level in kids is not as good as in adults, so it is important to take special care of kids when they use public bathrooms, school or daycare bathrooms. Parents can have control of the bathrooms that they have in their homes, but it is hard or almost impossible to do the same in school and daycare bathrooms. It is imperative for school authorities and in our case for  daycare facilities in Newmarket to follow some guidelines laid out by the government in order to improve the level of sanitation and cleanliness in kids. If you are a parent of a small child, then you have to pay extra attention towards the cleanliness and sanitation of kids. A number of diseases can occur if kids get in contact with unhygienic water. Diarrhoea, jaundice and viral fever are the most common diseases that kids suffer from.

Clean Bathroom: The Prerogative of Children

Generally, daycare centres and schools have strict rules about hygienic bathrooms, still, it is important for parents to check whether the toilets are cleaned with proper disinfectants. Kids who regularly use unhygienic bathrooms often experience lots of health issues. Bathrooms need to be cleaned multiple times a day. Children in African and Asian countries are getting killed due to lack of proper sanitation facilities, so as a parent, you have to take this issue seriously.

Not just bathrooms, but swimming pools need to be cleaned!

Apart from the cleaned bathrooms, parents need to ensure that swimming pool are also cleaned. Many people use swimming pools, so it is very easy for swimming pools to get polluted. So, the concerned authorities need to ensure that they clean swimming pools twice or thrice a day. It is better that kids use dedicated swimming pools for kids because they are much safer than usual swimming pools. The same procedure should be followed at in-house swimming pools or the ones present at daycare centres.

Cleanliness starts from home

If you want your kids to remain safe, then you have to take the first step. You have to check drinking and bathing water. There are many advanced RO filters available in the market, so you can buy and use one of the best filters to ensure clean and germfree water. Kids don’t have a habit of flushing the toilet after using it. This can affect the hygiene of kids and other members of the family.

Educate your kids

As a parent, you don’t just have to take action, but counsel your children as well. You have to educate them about the right way of using toilets. You have to tell them that flushing is the most important step, which can’t be missed. The same needs to be done by the daycare centres in which your kids are going. Parents, teachers and day carers need to teach children the importance of washing hands with an antiseptic soap after coming back to home after playing or spending time with pets. These habits will keep your children safe for a long period of time. It is also important to teach kids about the conservation of water because kids usually keep the tap running after drinking the water.

Indulge kids in germ-games

Family daycare centres can indulge the kids in exciting games that will teach them about sanitation and hygiene. They can divide the children into two groups; humans and dreaded germs. Then, keep ‘humans’ group in one room and ‘germs’ in another.

It is better if the kids are wearing different T-shirts, like red T-shirts for germs and blue for humans. Then, ask questions to the ‘humans’ group about germs and sanitation. Questions like, if you should wash your hands after blowing your nose. If the children answers ‘yes’, then the germs stay where they are, but if the answer is ‘no’, then one of the germs will come to the ‘humans’ group and invades. Such games will help kids understand the questions in the most appropriate way and they will implement the knowledge in their own lives as well. So, such kind of activities can really play a useful role in teaching children what’s right and what’s wrong in terms of cleanliness and sanitation.

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