Five Fantastic Tips To Surprise Your Kids This Christmas!

November 02, 2015

Just a few more weeks and the celebration for the Christmas will commence. For kids, there is nothing that matches the excitement of Christmas. Kids are so psyched knowing that Christmas is approaching near that they count days down on the calendar.

Parents set up the Christmas tree with their kids and the environment just gets better and better. Kids, on the other hand, make their Christmas decorations in daycares and list to Santa and make mince pie on the Christmas Eve. Almost all children also wait for the clip clop of the little hooves on the roof because they know Santa is going to come with their gifts. They wake up in the morning and see glittery boxes of gifts lying under the tree. Kids know Santa hid the gifts, but parents know the real truth. Ssshhh…! We are not going into that detail. In this post, we will discuss about the five tips to surprise the kids at Christmas.

  • Get them a pet: Kids love pets! Don’t they? Kids get attracted to small puppies or kittens or rabbits. Parents are not much enthusiastic about getting animals into the house. So, surprise them this Christmas by getting their favorite animal. When they will come back from the school, public daycare or an family daycare in Newmarket (for example in our case), they will jump in joy because they will see a cute and adorable puppy or kitten. It will be a lot better if they find their favorite pet in a carriage on the Christmas morning.
  • Arrange a trip to the Santa’s Village: A great way to surprise your kid will be arranging a trip to the Santa’s Village. Your kids will enjoy heading towards Santa’s workshop, as they will be greeted by Elves. Santa's village Bracebridge Muskoka There are several activities like sleigh rides, train tour, ATV peddle bikes, red baron bi-plane rides, carol singing and meeting Santa himself that will make Christmas an unforgettable experience. There is no kid that wouldn’t enjoy a trip to the Santa’s Village. There are many activities for the grownups as well, so it will be a great experience for the entire family.

    Santa's house village

    Courtesy of Santa’s Village website

  • Leaving a beautiful note from Santa: Kids believe in the stories that are related to Santa. So, if you are unable to make a meeting of your child with Santa, then you can still inspire the festive cheer in your children by leaving notes from Santa. Your Children will feel special when they find out that their lists have been read by Santa.
  • Create your own wonderland: Some people experience white Christmas, whereas others consider themselves unlucky. Well, you don’t have to feel unlucky if it hasn’t snowed because you can get yourself a snow machine and make your own beautiful wonderland. Snow machines are fairly cheap, so get one this Christmas and make your celebrations unforgettable.
  • Decorate your house: Kids compare things, so when they see their own house without decorative lights and all other houses bathed in beautiful spectrum of lights, they are going to feel bad. So, decorate your house by adding a colorful stream of twinkling lights. There are many varieties available in the market, so find something interesting, something that can lift the Christmas celebration all together. Your kids will love seeing a decorated house and the Christmas tree when they come back from school or the premises of neighborhood child care provider.

Christmas is surely the most wonderful time of the year. Everybody wants to celebrate this holy festival with joy. Kids always have their own unique plans, so if parents are able to know about those plans, then they can really surprise them. Seeing that magical smile on your kid’s face is priceless.

Planning a surprise would be the best way to ameliorate their Christmas celebration. I have mentioned these five tips, so you can take ideas from these. If you have already decided as to what you are going to do, then I’m sure that your Christmas celebration is going to be spectacular. If you have the list from the last year, then you can take a look at that and buy gifts accordingly.

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  • Isabella
    December 24, 2017 at 10:41 am

    True, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Im comes with lot of happiness, celebration and fun. My kids always look forward to every Christmas because of the memorable experience and moments of bliss. These tips would surely come in handy and so I can improve on my plans. Thank you Di, you are the best!


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