How To Efficiently Deal With Non-Sleeping Issue Of Your Child?

October 08, 2015

It is extremely hard for parents to cope up with the non-sleeping problem of their kids at night. Kids don’t have any specific time to sleep. Whenever they feel like taking a nap, they take it. But, this causes trouble for parents because kids after sleeping for long hours during the day are ready for fun and entertainment at night, but parents come home from an exhausting day and they want to sleep. So, how can parents find a solution to this problem? In this post, we are going to take a look at the mistakes made by parents and tips to make kids sleep during night.

So, let us take a look at the mistakes that parents usually make

  • Parents don’t take their children’s sleep a priority.
  • The inconsistency in putting children to sleep and wakening them up. There shouldn’t be too many differences in the time of putting your child to sleep and waking him/her up in the morning.
  • When parents put their children to sleep too late, then it can result in poor quality sleep and overtired child, which is not a good thing. Kids need a minimum of 10 hours of sleep every day, so parents must ensure it.
  • Parents let their kids sleep with bottles fed or walked or rocked to sleep at bedtime, which they believe is taking care of their kids and being closer to them. But in reality, kids make it a habit to have the above mentioned things in order to go back to sleep when they wake up in between the night. Don’t make them dependent upon anything to sleep.
  • Most parents don’t pay attention to the daily routines of the kids. They think playing and watching TV is good enough, but kids need a lot more. Send your kids to daycare centres where they can learn new things.
  • The non-unified nature of parents and sabotaging each other’s efforts to improve the sleep of children.
  • Parents assuming that the sleeping habits of their child will improve on its own. Habits once made are very difficult to change. It can take months, sometimes years.

These are the seven common mistakes that parents make while dealing with their child’s sleep. So, how to rectify these mistakes? Well, here are some useful tips that can help parents provide better sleep habits to their kids:

  • The most important thing is to ensure that kids don’t skip naps.
  • Take a closer look at the sleep window of your child.
  • Always try to put your child to bed drowsy, but slightly awake.
  • Teach your child to sleep in his/her early age.
  • If your kid sleeps with you, then gradually tilt his/her interest towards a blanket or stuffed animal.
  • Don’t make any sudden transition in the sleep of your child until he/she sleeps throughout the night.
  • If your child sleeps in a crib, then don’t change the place and put him/her to bed before the age of two.
  • If your child wakes up early, then you can add darkening shades in the room, so as to make him/her feel that it’s still night.
  • You have to be patient when it comes to changing the sleep habits of your child, as children don’t learn overnight.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to change the habits of your child. But, you have to keep an important fact in mind that habits in children don’t change overnight, so you have to be patient and optimistic all the time. If you really want to see huge changes (positive changes), then better enroll your child in a daycare centre. If you live in Ontario province in Canada, then you can easily find daycare for children who age from a few months to seven or eight years. Daycare facilities have the experience and knowledge to guide children on how to do specific things in the right way. Children spending time at daycare centres tend to learn a lot quicker than the ones who stay at home. Sleeping problems are pretty common among children, but there are methods that can be incorporated to eradicate this problem. So, all you need to do is look in the right direction. The tips I have mentioned in this blog are extremely useful and shown results in the past as well.

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